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Image 17
Image ID# 17
Drying raisin grapes on the McPherson ranch, near Orange
Image 40
Image ID# 40
Orange County Park (Irvine Park) Picnic
Image 47
Image ID# 47
Newport Beach, circa 1935
Image 181
Image ID# 181
Fourth and Main in downtown Santa Ana
Image 193
Image ID# 193
Santa Ana Masonic Temple
Image 224
Image ID# 224
Orange groves in the Tustin foothills
Image 234
Image ID# 234
Oranges and oil wells at Placentia
Image 245
Image ID# 245
Bathers at Laguna Beach
Image 285
Image ID# 285
First paving job, Spadra Road, Fullerton
Image 306
Image ID# 306
Flooding in downtown Buena Park, 1938
Image 390
Image ID# 390
Camping at Aliso Creek
Image 440
Image ID# 440
Farm animals and equipment on the Irvine Ranch
Image 450
Image ID# 450
Citrus picking
Image 451
Image ID# 451
Early pest control, machinery, crop sprayer
Image 497
Image ID# 497
Birds eye view of Newport Beach
Image 623
Image ID# 623
White House Restaurant (left), Laguna Beach
Image 636
Image ID# 636
Victor Hugo Point, Laguna Beach
Image 640
Image ID# 640
Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach
Image 686
Image ID# 686
Santa Ana High School football team, 1904
Image 714
Image ID# 714
The Orange Volunteer Fire Department’s first motorized truck, circa 1915
Image 719
Image ID# 719
The Dumbo ride at Disneyland, 1955
Image 762
Image ID# 762
St. George Hotel, Fullerton, circa 1905
Image 771
Image ID# 771
Newport Harbor and the Balboa Pavilion (right)
Image 867
Image ID# 867
The old Hotel Laguna
Image 1035
Image ID# 1035
Oil wells line the coast at Huntington Beach
Image 1036
Image ID# 1036
The Islander, Balboa
Image 1104
Image ID# 1104
Laguna Beach, 1902
Image 1262
Image ID# 1262
Newport Beach business district
Image 1267
Image ID# 1267
Dory fishermen at Newport Beach
Image 1274
Image ID# 1274
Fun Zone Newport Harbor tour boat
Image 1284
Image ID# 1284
Balboa Island bridge
Image 1906
Image ID# 1906
Santa Ana Steam Laundry Co., 1889
Image 1907
Image ID# 1907
Santa Ana Steam Laundry Co., 1892
Image 1908
Image ID# 1908
Santa Ana Steam Laundry Co., circa 1905

Image 1914Image ID# 1914
Tustin pioneer Sherman Stevens

Image 1916Image ID# 1916
Martha Stevens, wife of Tustin pioneer Sherman Stevens

Image 2054
Image ID# 2054
Melodyland Theatre, Anaheim
Image 2172
Image ID# 2172
The old Orange County Courthouse, circa 1905
Image 2302
Image ID# 2302
Balboa Pavilion, circa 1910
Image 2304
Image ID# 2304
Laguna Beach
Image 2346
Image ID# 2346
UC Irvine under construction, 1965
Image 2360
Image ID# 2360
The new UC Irvine campus, 1967
Image 2364
Image ID# 2364
University Ave., one fourth mile north of MacArthur Blvd.
Image 2399
Image ID# 2399
Haven Seed Co.

Image 2403Image ID# 2403
Union Oil Fire, Brea, 1926

Image 2407
Image ID# 2407
Outside the entrance to Mission San Juan Capistrano, 1927
Image 3005
Image ID# 3005
The Planter’s Hotel in Anaheim, 1877
Image 3030
Image ID# 3030
Olive Elementary School, 1922
Image 3031
Image ID# 3031
Villa Park Elementary School, 1922