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Jun-15   Judge J.W. Towner (Held at Heritage Museum of O.C.) – Manny Escamilla
May-15   History Hike: Bolsa Chica – Chris Jepsen
May-15   New Deal Architecture and Art in Orange County – Charles Epting
Apr-15   Field Trip: Rancho Los Cerritos
Apr-15   The Birth and Growth of Little Saigon – Thuy Vo Dang
Mar-15   The Original Villages of Irvine, 1960-1980 – Ellen Bell
Feb-15   Growth of the African American Community in Santa Ana – Kevin Cabrera
Jan-15   Glass Buildings and Modern Architecture in O.C. 1960s-1980s – Daniel D. Paul
Dec-14   Show & Tell
Nov-14   Author's Night: Marcia Lee Harris, Chris and Charles Epting, Zoot Velasco, Phil Brigandi
Nov-14   History Hike: WWII Bunker at Crystal Cove – Rick Connella
Oct-14   The Saddleback Inn – Chris Jepsen
Sep-14   Museums in the 21st Century – Mark Hall Patton
Jun-14   Orange County's 125th Birthday Party (Annual Dinner) – Phil Brigandi, Chris Jepsen
May-14   Don Meadows' Archaelogical Research and Documentation of the Bernardo Yorba Adobe – Phil Brigandi
Apr-14   History Hike at Silverado's Blue Light Mine – Mike Boeck, Phil Brigandi
Apr-14   History of the City of Cypress – John Olson
Mar-14   Field Trip to Calico Ghost Town – Phil Brigandi, Serena Steiner
Mar-14   What's New (and Old) at the O.C. Archives – Chris Jepsen
Feb-14   History of Carbon Canyon – Paul Spitzzeri
Jan-14   History of the Santa Ana Fire Department – Roberta Reed
Dec-13   Show & Tell Night – Sharing historical items at this event: Chris Jepsen, Gordon McClelland, Josh McIntosh, Leo M. Castro, Ed Murashie, Dick Pierce, Barbara McIntosh, Harriet Friis, Naomi Estrine, Denny Hayden, Bobbie Prentice, Sandy Currie, Eldon Gath, Emmett Raitt, Edward Velasquez, Clay Rickerl, and Phil Brigandi.
Nov-13   Authors Night and Orange Countiana IX – Paul Clark, Patrick Mitchell, Larry Strawther, Phil Brigandi, Susan Luevano with contributor Angelina Veyna, and Kathy Wales standing in for Gordy Grundy
Oct-13   Last of the Wild West: Los Alamitos lawman Juan Orosco was first O.C. law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty – Phil Brigandi
Sep-13   Dana Point Harbor – Alan Hess
Jul-13   Pageant of the Masters (fundraiser), Festival of the Arts, Laguna Beach – "The Big Picture: A Salute to Art that Inspired the Movies"
Jun-13   The Big Red Cars in Orange County (Annual Dinner) – Michael A. Patris
May-13   Clara Mason Fox, O.C. Pioneer – Lorraine Passero
Apr-13   Spring History Hike: Pioneers of Live Oak Canyon – David McIntosh, Phil Brigandi
Apr-13   Saving Orange County: A Preservation Roundup – Ilse Byrnes, Jeannie Gillett, Mary Adams Urashima, John Linnert
Mar-13   Rock, Folk, and Popular Music in Orange County – Jim Washburn
Feb-13   Huell Howser in Orange County: A Valentine to California – Panel members: Rand Boyd, Phil Brigandi, Linda Jennings, Stephen M. Rios, and Cynthia Ward
Jan-13   Yorba Linda Native Richard Nixon: A Century in Perspective – The Reverend Canon John H. Taylor
Dec-12   Show & Tell Night
Nov-12   Authors Night and Orange Countiana VIII – Jason Schultz, Mike Heywood, Ted Dougherty, Chris Epting, Frank Ritenour, Phil Brigandi, John M.W. Moorlach, Froy Tiscareño
Nov-12   History Hike to Arroyo Trabuco and Trabuco Adobe – Phil Brigandi
Oct-12   Anaheim Halloween Festival – Stephanie George
Sep-12   California Style Watercolor Painting in Orange County – Gordon T. McClelland
Jun-12   The History of Knott’s Berry Farm (Annual Dinner) – J. Eric Lynxwiler
May-12   Walking tour of Anaheim Cemetery – Cynthia Ward
May-12   Historical Preservation: Thinking Outside the Box – Cynthia Ward
Apr-12   History Hike at Olinda – Jeff and Colleen Greene
Apr-12   Authors Night – Ellen Bell, Juanita Louvret, Phil Brigandi, Diane Oestreich, Allan Schoenherr, Corey Schom
Mar-12   Olive Through the Ages – Daralee Ota
Feb-12   Development of Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo – Bob Bunyan
Jan-12   Show & Tell Night
Dec-11   Orange Countiana VII Contributors Panel – Jim Sleeper, Phil Brigandi, Chris Jepsen, Stephanie George, Brett Fisher, Randolph Boyd
Nov-11   Inaugural History Hike at San Juan Hot Springs – Phil Brigandi
Nov-11   Planning the Great Park’s Military Air Museum – Jeff Rowe
Oct-11   Memories of Disneyland – Jack Lindquist
Sep-11   The Pacific Beach Club – Chris Jepsen
Jun-11   Silent Films Shot In Orange County – Chris Jepsen with film edited by Steve Oftelie
May-11   The Japanese Community at Wintersburg (Preservation) – Art Hansen, Carla Tengan, Phil Brigandi, and Jerry Moffatt.
Apr-11   Authors Night: Karin Klein, Joe Santiago, Guy Ball, Chris Epting, Michael Barry
Mar-11   The Families and the Mission Restoration of San Juan Capistrano – David Belardes
Feb-11   Show & Tell Night
Jan-11   The Basques in North Orange County – Nanette Price
Dec-10   Orange Countiana VI Contributors Panel – Phil Brigandi, Doris Walker, Paul R. Clark
Nov-10   MCAS El Toro Oral History Project at COPH – Natalie Fousekis, et al
Oct-10   The Neutras’ Architecture in Orange County – Dion Neutra, Alan Hess, Craig Sibley
Sep-10   The History of Surfing in Orange County – Dick Metz
Jun-10   Tiki / Polynesian Pop (Annual Dinner) – Chris Jepsen
May-10   LTA Hangars at MCAS Tustin – Linda Jennings
Apr-10   Railroads and Depots of Orange County – Rob Richardson
Mar-10   Cleveland National Forest – James Newland
Feb-10   Abraham Lincoln presentation (at Old Courthouse) – William Peck
Jan-10   A Century of Scouting in Orange County (Boy Scouts) – Phil Brigandi
Dec-09   Authors Night – Christine Salts, Jay Jennings, Carolota Haider, Stephanie George, Doris Walker, Richard Dodd, Lawrence deGraaf
Nov-09   The Flood of 1938 – Eddie Castro
Oct-09   Japanese in Orange County – Stephanie George
Sep-09   Crystal Cove Cottages – Laura Davick
Jun-09   Authors Night: Ron & Elfriede MacIver, James Newland, Susan Deering, Art & Mary Ellen Goddard, Claire Marie Vogel, Jan Van Emon
May-09   Eichler Homes & Modernism in Orange County – Alan Hess
Apr-09   Suzanne Bixby Bryant Ranch – Jo An Ardanaz
Mar-09   Black History in Orange County – Bob Johnson
Feb-09   OCWD Groundwater Replenishment – Alexis Tate
Jan-09   Rogues’ Gallery of Orange County Government – Stan Oftelie
Dec-08   Authors Night: Roberta Reed, Kai Weisser, Chris Epting, Phil Brigandi
Nov-08   Las Flores Historic Area – Faye Jonason
Oct-08   Old Santa Ana Cemetery: History and Civil War Connection – Lou Carlson
Sep-08   Southern California Aviation: 1930s to Present – Iris Cummings Critchell
Jun-08   Angels’ Baseball – Jay Johnstone
May-08   Historical Preservation in San Juan Capistrano – Teri Delcamp
Apr-08   Authors Night: John Robinson, Mary Garcia, Dann Gibb, Guy Ball, James Osbourne, Don Sloper
Mar-08   Images of Old Orange County – Betsy Vigus & Richard Vining
Feb-08   History of the Anaheim Union Water Company – Carl Nelson
Jan-08   Early Knott’s Berry Farm – Phil Brigandi
Dec-07   Authors Night: Jeanette Gardner, Lawrence deGraaf, George Jezek, John Westcott, Doris Walker, Phil Brigandi, Jeff Delaney
Nov-07   The Muzeo – Peter Cominsky
Oct-07   The Santa Ana Zoo – Ron Glazier
Sep-07   Newport Harbor Nautical Museum – David W. Muller
Jun-07   The Poetry of Ethel Jacobson – Noel Jacobson Lampkin
May-07   Anaheim’s New Historical District – Jeff Smith
Apr-07   Yorba Cemetery & Peralta Adobe – Ann Nepsa & Melanie Goss
Mar-07   Santa Ana Police Department – John Reed
Feb-07   “Orange County On Display” – Karin Schnell
Jan-07   Orange County Performing Arts Center – Tim Dunn
Dec-06   Authors Night: Terry Thomas, Christopher Trela, Guy Ball, Phil Brigandi, Jeff Delaney, Stephen Faessel, Doris Walker, and holiday music by Randall C. Woltz.
Nov-06   Nikkei Heritage in Orange County – Art Hansen
Oct-06   Garden Grove Turns 50 – Panel discussion led by Don Dobmeier
Sep-06   Orange County Place Names – Phil Brigandi
Jun-06   Rudy Boysen – Steve Faessel & Jane Newell
May-06   Fox Fullerton Theatre – Jon M. Wagner
Apr-06   Fullerton: The Early History – Bob Ziebell
Mar-06   California Missions – Jane Norgren & Tracy Smith Falk
Feb-06   El Camino Real Bells (video)
Jan-06   The W. T. Newland House – Maureen Rivers
Dec-05   Postcards from the OCHS Collection
Nov-05   OCHS Orange County postcards book – Panel discussion
Oct-05   Orange County Register Centennial – Andrew Horan
Sep-05   Development of Newport Harbor – Bill Grundy
Jun-05   H. Clay Kellogg: The Man & His House – Adam Reed England
May-05   Modjeska Home and Garden – John Loomis
Apr-05   Writing Local History Articles
Mar-05   Authors Night: Chris Epting, Dean Dixon, Kathy Morris, Cathy Thomas
Feb-05   “100 Years of Yesterdays” (book) – Panel discussion
Jan-05   Pio Pico State Historic Park – Carolyn Schoff
Dec-12   10th Anniversary of Orange County Bankruptcy – John Moorlach
Nov-04   German POWs in Orange County – Dennis Leslie
Oct-04   Casa Romantica – Gregory B. Smith
Sep-04   Bay Island – Dr. Joan Seaver Kurze
Jun-04   The History of Dana Point – Doris Walker
May-04   Preservation in Orange – Tita Smith
Apr-04   Saving Brea’s History – Jack Smith & Jo Anne Cowans
Mar-04   Saving Laguna Canyon – Jerry Burchfield & Mark Cunningham
Feb-04   Googie Architecture – Jane Newell
Jan-04   Share Your O.C. Memories
Dec-03   The Orange County Archives – Phil Brigandi
Nov-03   Vincenta Sepulveda de Yorba de Carrillo – Opal Kissinger
Oct-03   Mexican Americans in Orange County – Yolanda Alvarez
Sep-03   Orange County: The Golden Promise – Pamela Hallan-Gibson
Jun-03   Tour of the Capistrano Mission and Los Rios District
May-03   The Mills Act – Phyllis Mueller
Apr-03   Workman & Temple Family Homestead Museum – Craig Chyrchel
Mar-03   Visions of America – Dr. John Carrol
Feb-03   Costa Mesa Police Dept. – Roger Neth
Jan-03   Los Angeles, the Early Days (video) – David Rapka
Dec-02   The Fox Fullerton Theatre – Jane Reifer & Richard Odle
Nov-02   The 1938 Flood – Steve Faessel
Oct-02   Clara Foltz, Lady Lawyer – Sharon Avey
Sep-02   A Brief History of Corona del Mar – Dr. William O. Hendricks
Jun-02   The Dohenys & Capistrano Beach – Dr. Donald W. Burnes & Alice S. Baum
May-02   Field Trip: Tour of Crystal Cove
May-02   Crystal Cove – Laura Davick & Douglas Westfall
Apr-02   Prisoners of the Civil War – Douglas Westfall
Mar-02   The Pankeys of Orange County – Ed & Libby Pankey
Feb-02   California: This Golden Land of Promise – Joan Irvine Smith
Jan-02   Ghost Town & Calico Railway – George Barlow
Dec-01   Festival of Reading & Carols – J.J. & Harriet Friis
Nov-01   The Old Orange County Courthouse – Bruce Sinclair
Oct-01   A History of Postcards / Vintage Postcards of the Old County Courthouse – Don Dobmeier
Sep-01   Old Orange County Courthouse – Phil Brigandi
Jun-01   Annual Dinner (BBQ at Garden Grove Historical Society)
May-01   Historical Preservation: A How-To – Phil Chinn
Apr-01   The Ortega Highway – Steve Tice
Mar-01   Vintage Postcards of Santa Ana – Guy Ball
Feb-01   Indians of California – Paul Apodaca
Jan-01   Tour of First American Title’s photo collection and new building – Barbara Blankman
Dec-00   California Statehood through the Eyes of Jessie Benton Frémont – John Moorlach
Nov-00   Civil War Veterans Buried in Orange County – Gordon Bricken
Oct-00   Vincenta Sepulveda: A 19th Century Woman – Opal Kissinger
Sep-00   History of Newport Harbor – Wayne Eggleston
Jun-00   Annual Dinner (BBQ at Irvine Ranch Headquarters Historic Park)
May-00   Authors Night: John Westcott, Phil Brigandi, Joe Osterman, Maureen Rischard, Doris Walker, Doug Westfall
Apr-00   Susanna Bixby Bryant Ranch & Museum – Jo Lyons
Mar-00   Don Meadows and His Collection – Jackie Dooley
Feb-00   Fullerton, Its History and the Railroad – Barry Christensen
Jan-00   Balboa Island Ferry Boats – Seymour Beek
Dec-99   Festival of Reading & Carols – J.J. & Harriet Friis
Nov-99   Santa Ana Army Air Base – Bud Anderson
Oct-99   Annual History Conference (at CSUF)
Sep-99   Sherman Gardens – C. Wade Roberts
Jun-99   BBQ at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary
May-99   General Phineas Banning and His Residence – Audrey Dahlgren
Apr-99   Life and Times of Madame Modjeska – Ellen K. Lee
Mar-99   The Santa Ana Canyon: Yesterday and Today – Tracy Smith
Feb-99   Edward Cochems and His Photographs – Ronald Sands
Jan-99   California Plein-Air Painting and the Laguna Art Colony – Elizabeth Cohen
Dec-98   Walt Disney’s Railroad Story – Michael Broggie
Nov-98   St. Catherine’s Military School, Anaheim – [School representatives]
Oct-98   Irrigation Water, Distrubution and Sources [Tustin area] – Ed Pankey
Sep-98   The Seeley and Wright Stageline – Judy Deeter
Jun-98   Video: “Anaheim: From Grapes to Greatness” (Annual Dinner)
May-98   Authors Night: Esther Cramer, Phil Brigandi, Carol Jordan, Stephen Gould, Paul Bryan Gray, Diann Marsh
Apr-98   Excelsior Creamery Co. – Ernest J. Brown
Mar-98   Field Trip: MCAS El Toro
Mar-98   New Vistas with a History (Loma Ridge area) – Lucille Cruz
Feb-98   How Old Towne Orange was Put on the National Register – Shannon Tucker & Steve McHarris
Jan-98   The Rancho Era: Days of Dons & Vaqueros – Edith Behrens
Dec-97   Capt. George Rook Huddy Visits Santa Ana – Joe Osterman
Nov-97   Photos of Orange County
Oct-97   Team MacPherson’s “Orange County Scene” (book) – Mike Kilroy
Sep-97   Eddie Martin – Judy Liebeck
Jun-97   Architect Frederick Eley – Rob Richardson (All-O.C. Historical Societies Picnic, Irvine Park)
May-97   The City of Orange – Anita Freedman
Apr-97   My Years on the Tuffree Ranch, Early Movies – Earl J. Nickles
Mar-97   A Tour of Huntington Beach – Claudine Burnett
Feb-97   A Home Video Visit with George Key – Earl Nickles
Jan-97   California Military Forces in the Civil War – Lt. Col. Eric W. Martens, CA SMR
Dec-96   My Most Interesting or Unusual Christmas – Member participation
Nov-96   Disneyland Security – Harold Bastrup
Oct-96   Video Visit to the Orange Empire Railway Museum – Earl J. Nickles
Sep-96   The History & Purpose of Sherman Library & Gardens – Dr. William O. Hendricks
Jun-96   Joint Historical Societies Meeting at Heritage Hill / El Toro Cemetery Tour / BBQ
May-96   Teaching History to Children – Robert C. Law
Apr-96   Show and Tell: Items from Your Personal History
Mar-96   Orange County’s Railroad During the Late 20th Century – Clifford Prather
Feb-96   Watch & Clock Collecting & Restoring the Street Clock at Chapman University – James H. Espy
Jan-96   Film Footage of Early Orange County – Albert Hill
Dec-95   Authors Night: Elynore Lacy Barton, Maureen Rischard, Anita Freedman, Harold Bastrup, Theresa Hampson, Joe Osterman, J.J. Friis, Bob Law
Nov-95   Street Cars and the Pacific Electric (video) – Bruce Frenzinger
Oct-95   El Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana – Edward T. Grijalva
Sep-95   Frederick Ely, Architect – Rob Richardson
Jun-95   Annual Dinner (at Mission San Juan Capistrano)
May-95   I Survived the Holocaust – Dr. Henry Heller
Apr-95   Dr. George Clark House, Fullerton – Jorice Maag
Mar-95   Leisure World Laguna Hills 25th Anniversary – Nippy Parker & Ola Hiller
Feb-95   Lynwood Ice Service – Iva Presson
Jan-95   Railroad Stations of Orange County and Beyond – Rob Richardson
Dec-94   Authors Night: Teresa Hampson, Diann Marsh, Joe Osterman, Phil Brigandi, Stephen Gould, Doris Walker, John Westcott, Bob Ziebell
Nov-94   History of Newport Harbor – Judge Ritter
Oct-94   Faces & Places In Santa Ana – Albert F. Hill, Jr.
Sep-94   Six Diaries of Mary Refugio Carpenter Pleasants – Beverly Hendrickson Waid
Jun-94   OCHS Diamond Jubilee – Esther Cramer
May-94   Arden-Modjeska House & Garden – Kathie Matsuyama
Apr-94   Orange County Fruit Box Labels – Gordon McClelland
Mar-94   200 Years In San Juan Capistrano – Pamela Hallan Gibson
Feb-94   The Chinese in Orange County – Dr. Yong Chen
Jan-94   Historic Orange County Chinese – Dr. Patricia Lin
Dec-93   Mission Inn, Riverside – Ralph J. Megna
Nov-93   The Military’s Impact on Orange County – Col. Charles Quilter, II
Oct-93   Tall Ships on the Orange Coast – Doris Walker
Sep-93   Bawdy Balboa! – Judge Robert Gardner
Jun-93   Oral History Methods – Shirley Stephenson
May-93   A Peek Inside Historic Homes – Diann Marsh
Apr-93   Faces of Pancho Villa (TV documentary) – Tim McIntire
Mar-93   Memories of the Earthquake of 1933 – Audience participation
Feb-93   Discovery Museum of Orange County – Nancy Robins
Jan-93   Bowers Museum Exhibits – Paul Apodaca
Dec-92   O’ Christmas Tree – Richard Vining
Nov-92   Faces & Places Around Santa Ana – Albert Hill
Oct-92   Orange Countiana: Early Businesses in Orange County (book signing)
Sep-92   Early California Artists – Mary Anne Lyles
Jun-92   Recognizing Historical Architectural Styles – Dave Zenger
May-92   How To Write A Book – Esther Cramer
Apr-92   George Key Ranch – Michael Miniachi & John Anderson
Mar-92   Business: Shall the O.C. Conservancy continue as an OCHS committee?
Feb-92   Walter Knott’s Political Involvement – Dr. Jim Miller
Jan-92   Historic Theatres – John E. Miller
Dec-91   Authors Night & Holiday Party (“Christmas Past In O.C.”)
Nov-91   Development of MCAS El Toro – Lt. Col. Roger Ciampa
Oct-91   Antique Radios – Dan Dollar
Sep-91   Orange County Historical Bibliography – Roger Berry
Jun-91   Santiago Creek: Greenway or Housing – Howard DeCruyenaere
May-91   Laguna Beach Historical Architecture – Karen Wilson Turnbull
Apr-91   Heritage Hill Historical Park in El Toro – Jack & Priscilla Hoel
Mar-91   The History of UCI – Dr. Samuel McCulloch
Feb-91   The History of Water Systems in Orange County – Henry Panian
Jan-91   Growth and Development of the Irvine Ranch – Judy Liebeck
Dec-90   Ethnic Diversity in Orange County – Tricia Goldman & Art Hansen
Nov-90   Southern California Influences on Richard Nixon – Dr. Harry Jeffrey
Oct-90   Third Annual Conference of Orange County History
Oct-90   Urban Pioneers and Their Homes – Diann Marsh
Sep-90   The Old El Toro Store – Joe Osterman
Jun-90   Metalworking at Mission San Juan Capistrano – Dr. Ted Koppenaal
May-90   O.C. Architects and Architectural Preservation – Milford Wayne Donaldson
Apr-90   Field Trip: El Molino Viejo and Hale Observatory
Apr-90   Architectural Styles in Southern California – Dr. Robert Winter
Mar-90   Memories & Impressions of Helena Modjeska – Opal Kissinger
Feb-90   Early San Clemente – Charles Asbaugh & Eugene Hanson
Jan-90   Show & Tell / Bowers Museum and its Future with OCHS – Josie de Falla
Dec-89   Authors Night
Nov-89   O.C. Medical Association Centennial (Annual Dinner)
Oct-89   OCHS Centennial Cruise to Mexico
Oct-89   The Chapman Family in California – Irvin Chapman
Sep-89   Winners of L.A. Times “Life In Orange County” essay contest
Sep-89   O.C. History Conference at Chapman College & Mission San Juan Capistrano
Aug-89   Field Trip: Drum Barracks and Banning Mansion, Wilmington
Jun-89   History of the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept – Mike Brown & Lt. Sim Middleton
May-89   Can Historians & Archaeologists Make a Difference? (Mini-conference at Chapman College)
May-89   OCHS 70th Anniversary Gala Dinner at the Santa Ana Country Club
Apr-89   Field Trip: Claremont College Dept. of Antique Musical Instruments
Apr-89   The Bolsa Chica Wetlands – Adrianne Morrison
Mar-89   History of Railroads in Orange County – Steve Donaldson
Feb-89   History of the Development of Glass – Rheys Williams
Jan-89   “Remember When?” (Reminiscences of OCHS members)
Dec-88   Authors Night and Christmas Social: Virginia Carpenter, Doris Walker, Beverly Waid, Heide Bloodgood, Merle Kennedy, Jim Sleeper (Also, Dennis Witcher spoke on Early Christmas Decorations)
Dec-88   Signing Party for Orange Countiana, Vol. 4 at the Anaheim Museum
Nov-88   Annual Dinner: Honoring the Portola Riders (at the Saddleback Inn)
Oct-88   First Annual Conference on Orange County History (at Chapman College)
Oct-88   History of Aviation in Orange County – Vi Smith
Sep-88   Six O.C. Artists – Dorothy Rice, Bob Eding, Helen Luton Hafer, Charlie Willbourn, Don Winton, Kathy Kavanaugh
Jun-88   Slide Show “Walking Tour” of Catalina Island – Terry Martin
May-88   History of Post Card – Walter Waldau
Apr-88   Looking Into The Crystal Cove – Christine Shirley
Mar-88   Joplin Boys Ranch – Jeanne Porter
Feb-88   The Pacific Ocean’s Role in the Development of California – Steve Christman
Jan-88   Show & Tell
Dec-87   Authors Night: Heide Bloodgood, Louise Booth, Virginia Carpenter, Harriett Enderle, Pamela Gibson, Norman Neuerburg, Joe Osterman, Jim Sleeper, Beverly Waid, Doris Walker
Nov-87   Recreating the Past in California’s Missions – Dr. Norman Neuerburg
Oct-87   Architectural Time Capsule: Historical Landmarks of O.C. and California – Doris Walker
Sep-87   Flying High (Aviation History in O.C.) – Eddie Martin
Jun-87   Slices of Orange: Segments of the City’s Past – Phil Brigandi
May-87   Sunken Treasure In Dry Lakes – Al Enderle
Apr-87   O.C. Earthquakes: Cause & Effect – Dr. Jack Ryan
Mar-87   Indians In O.C. at the Time of Contact – Stephen O’Neil
Feb-87   The Art Colony, Laguna Beach – Anne Frank
Jan-87   Show & Tell
Dec-86   Christmas Tour of Historic Anaheim – Opal Kissinger
Dec-86   Authors Night & Christmas Party
Nov-86   La Habra – Esther Cramer
Oct-86   Orange County Authors
Sep-86   Historic Huntington Beach – Teresa R. Reynold
Sep-86   Irvine Memories – Dwight Ahern / The Irvine of the Future – Judy Liebeck
Aug-86   Summer Picnic at Santiago Oaks Park
Aug-86   Field Trip: Train Trip #2, to San Diego – Steve Donaldson & Morris Leming
Jun-86   History of Garden Grove – Fred Coles
May-86   Fullerton: Its Organization & Development – Harold Lang
Apr-86   Fountain Valley History – James W. Dick
Mar-86   Old El Toro – Joe Osterman / Arden, Home of Modjeska – Ellen Lee
Feb-86   The Romance of Dana Point – Doris Walker & Stanley Cummings
Jan-86   O.C. History “Show & Tell”
Dec-85   Authors Night & Christmas Gala: Ivana Bollman, Richard Curtiss, Heide Bloodgood, Louise Booth, Phil Brigandi, Virginia Carpenter, J.J. Friis, Pamela Gibson, Ellen Lee, Merle Kennedy, Joe Osterman, Maureen Rischard, Jim Sleeper, Elinor Sutherland, Beverly Waid
Nov-85   The Past, Present & Future of Radio – Dan Doller, Spider McLean, Dan Mitchell (annual dinner at the Santa Ana Elk’s Club)
Oct-85   Costa Mesa: Apple Trees & Skyscrapers – Alving & Lucille Pinkley
Sep-85   Corona del Mar – Dr. William O. Hendricks
Jun-85   Frances Meadows, The Happy Librarian – Opal Kissinger / A Conversation with Don Meadows About the History of the OCHS – Jim Sleeper / Fiesta Honoring the Meadows Courtyard at Bowers
May-85   Buena Park: Historical Images – Roberta Knisley, Jesse Davis, Irene Fogle, Mickie Gennerett
Apr-85   Brea: Oil, Oranges, and Opportunity – Lewis Sutherland & Dean Millen
Mar-85   Anaheim: From Wine to Disneyland – Richard D. Curtiss, Mark Hall-Patton, Elinore Sutherland
Feb-85   O.C. History “Show & Tell”
Jan-85   Restoration of the Old County Courthouse – Evan Krewson
Dec-84   Authors Night / Christmas Party: Doris Walker, Brent Walker, Jim Sleeper, Virginia Carpenter, Gail Smith, Pamela Gibson, Betty Pointer, Maureen Rischard
Nov-84   Orange County History / Tribute to Juanenos – Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr.
Oct-84   Irvine Ranch Changes, Past & Future – Thomas H. Nielsen
Sep-84   Early Park Concert Bands – Mrs. Weston Walker, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Krastel, Michael Carrillo, Dennis Wicher, and Luis Parga
Jun-84   The Gold Rush to California by Way of Panama – Dr. John H. Kemble
May-84   The Spruce Goose – Bill M. Winberg
Apr-84   The Balboa Automobile – William J. Lewis
Mar-84   Disneyland Community Service Awards – Mary Jones
Feb-84   Recreating a Lost Ship – Steve G. Christman
Jan-84   Alfonso Yorba: Man of Many Visions – Elizabeth Swanson
Dec-83   Authors Night and Christmas Party: Merle Rosenbaum, Margo Stuart, Jim Sleeper, Louise Booth, Doris Walker, Pamela Gibson, Joe Osterman, Gail Smith, Beverly Waid
Nov-83   History of Orange County Harbors, Beaches, and Parks Systems – Carl R. Nelson
Oct-83   Antidote to Mediocrity [in schools] – Dr. Robert Peterson
Sep-83   Miss California/USA/Universe Pageants – Fran Mauck
Jun-83   La Christianita Pageant & San Clemente Historical Activities – Charles E. Ashbaugh, Jr.
May-83   Flags of Orange County & Local History of the IOOF – Calvin Duranleau
Apr-83   Orange County Historical Commission & County Government – Don Dobmeier
Mar-83   Procedure In Choosing Historic Subjects (in art) – John R. Koser
Feb-83   Bowers Today – Dr. William Beachum Lee
Jan-83   The OCTD Historic Properties Survey – John F. Elliott
Dec-82   Authors Night: Ed Miller, Jim Felton, Virginia Carpenter, Joe Osterman, Phil Brigandi, Jim Sleeper, Ellen Lee, Beverly Waid, Doris Walker, Louise Booth, Gail Smith
Nov-82   Field Crop Farmers of Coastal O.C. (Annual Dinner) – Edgar E. Pankey
Oct-82   Signing Party for Orange Countiana III
Oct-82   Portrait of Pioneer Jews in Orange County – Norton B. Stern
Sep-82   Fanny Bixby Spencer – Ellen Lee
Jun-82   Old El Toro: A Family, A Time, A Place – Joe Osterman
May-82   Guided Tour of the Flour Corporation
Apr-82   Ranchos of Don Pacifico Ontiveros – Virginia Carpenter / Old Courthouse Slides
Mar-82   The Haven Seed Company Papers – Anne Harder
Feb-82   Pleasures & Pitfalls of Climbing the Family Tree – Nancy Carlberg
Jan-82   Bio-Cultural Significance of Oak Trees – Cathy Nowak / Oak Management – Richard Dyer
Dec-81   Authors Night / Christmas Social: Bill Allen, Gail Smith, Louise Booth, Jim Felton, Jim Sleeper, Doris Walker, Don Meadows, Beverly Hendrickson Waid
Nov-81   Fall Field Trip: Villa Park Dam – John Gietzen
Nov-81   Balboa Rendezvous Ballroom (Dinner dance) – Garland Coltrane and music by the Hy Tones
Oct-81   Los Angeles and its Original Founders – Felix Medina & Beatrice Arvizo
Sep-81   Dorothy Fuller In Concert
Jun-81   Wildlife of the Cleveland National Forest – Ron Mecklenburg
May-81   Santiago Oaks Regional Park (talk and tour) – Pete Jenny
Apr-81   The Calico Mountain Archaeological Project – Todd Berens
Mar-81   Starr Ranch Audubon Sanctuary – Jeff Froke
Feb-81   At The Bar – James J. Friis
Jan-81   Orange County Marine Mammals – Doris Walker
Dec-80   Nickelodeon: A Pictorial Adventure into the Past – Jim Sleeper
Nov-80   Signing Party for Orange Countiana, Vol. II, at Red Cross House, Anaheim
Oct-80   Camels In the Canyon: The Story of Fort Tejon – Todd Berens (followed by tour)
Sep-80   History & Function of the Sherman Center (Annual Dinner) – William O. Hendricks
Jun-80   Investigator In History – Dr. Nancy Whitney-Desautels & Mark Roeder
May-80   The Historical Investigator in Archaeology – John Elliott
Apr-80   Oak Canyon Nature Center Hike, Anaheim Hills
Mar-80   Weir Canyon – Maruta Hiegel
Feb-80   The Castros and the Picos – Beverly Waid
Jan-80   An Orange Countian’s Visit to the South Pacific – W. Harold Lang
Dec-79   Tribute to Don Meadows
Nov-79   Hubert Howe Bancroft’s Search for Manuscripts & Missions – Dr. Edwin Carpenter (OCHS 60th Anniversary Dinner at Santa Ana Elks Lodge)
Oct-79   History of the Irvine Company – Michael Stockstill
Sep-79   The Development of the Museum of North Orange County – Michael Mudd
Aug-79   Summer Garden Party at Garden Grove Heritage Park
Jun-79   O.C. History: A View From the Classroom – Robert E. Donker
May-79   Historic Buildings of Pioneer Anaheim – Dr. Leo J. Friis
Apr-79   The Old Stone Church at the San Juan Capistrano Mission – Norman Neuerburg
Mar-79   O.C. Archaeology and Parapsychology – Constance C. Cameron
Feb-79   Fossils of Orange County – Carol Stadum
Jan-79   Workshop: Winning Historical Status for Buildings
Jan-79   Economic Trends in Orange County – Dr. James Doti
Dec-78   They Called It North Anaheim (Placentia) – Virginia Carpenter
Nov-78   Tour: Gamble House in Pasadena & L.A. County Arboretum
Nov-78   Music at the Balboa Pavilion & Police Work in Orange – Garland Coltrane
Oct-78   Fast Changing Villa Park – Louise Booth
Sep-78   Early South Laguna – Karen Turnbull
Jun-78   Santa Ana’s Reuter Castle – Lee Falco, Jr.
May-78   Maritime History – Richard H. Dillon
Apr-78   Santa Ana Mountains – Ken Croker
Mar-78   Brands of Orange County – J. Wylie Carlyle
Feb-78   Restoration of Old Photographs – Ralph Naill
Jan-78   Smuggling on the California Coast – Prof. John H. Kemble
Dec-77   Authors Recognition Dinner – Speaker, Vick Knight of CHOC
Nov-77   Economic History of Laguna Beach – John A. Randall
Oct-77   Upper Newport Bay – Preston Johns
Sep-77   In Search of “Santiago” – Mrs. William S. Lee
Jun-77   O.C.’s Geologic & Paleontologic History – Dr. John D. Cooper
May-77   Orange County’s Water History – Gerald E. Price
Apr-77   The Ranchos of Orange County – C.E. “Ted” Parker
Mar-77   Artists In Orange County Before 1915 – Mary Ann Lyles
Feb-77   Post Brothers Plow – James Sleeper and Don Meadows
Jan-77   Dos Cientos Anos en San Juan Capistrano – Pamela Hallan
Dec-76   Tomas Yorba & his Range War – Wayne Gibson / Christmas Tidbits – Jim Sleeper
Nov-76   Annual Tour: Los Angeles, From the Plaza to the Dominguez Adobe
Nov-76   The Rancho Cucamonga & Dona Merced – Esther Boulton Black
Oct-76   Spanish-Mexican Families in Early California – Marie E. Northrup
Sep-76   Rancho San Pedro & Dominguez Adobe Sites – Dr. Robert C. Gillingham
Jun-76   Vignettes of the Citrus Industry – W. Harold Lang
May-76   Howard Hughes’ Record Speed Flight of 1935 and Other Memories of Early Orange County Aviation – Major Robert Hirsch
Apr-76   Spring Outing: San Bernardino Asistencia and San Bernardino Museum
Apr-76   Sienkiewicz in Orange County – Ellen Lee
Mar-76   Orange County Girds for War – Dr. Leo J. Friis / Japanese-American Evacuation During World War II, with Emphasis on Orange County – Dr. Arthur A. Hansen
Feb-76   Richard H. Gilman, Agricultural Pioneer – Peg Bowen
Jan-76   Orange County Aviation History – Vi Smith
Dec-75   Cogged Stones – Prof. Hal Eberhart
Nov-75   Transportation Night (featuring the short film, “Trolley by Golly”)
Oct-75   The Basque Influence in Orange and L.A. Counties – Prof. Sonia E. Diaz
Sep-75   The San Diego Presidio – Ronald V. May
Jun-75   Tour of Thomas Winery, Cucamonga
Jun-75   Sea Otter Hunting In Orange County – Leo J. Friis
May-75   Frontier Spanish California: The Work of Filipe de Neve in the Colonization of California – Dr. Edwin A. Beilharz
Apr-75   Annual Tour: C.F. Lummis Home, Southwest Museum, & Casa de Adobe
Apr-75   The Missions and Mission Life – Msgr. Francis J. Weber
Mar-75   The Coming of the White Man to Orange County – Don Meadows
Feb-75   Indians in Orange County in 1769 – Ralph Michelsen
Jan-75   Languages as Historical Detectives – Giles T. Brown, Ph.D.
Dec-74   David Hewes: More Than The Golden Spike – Leo J. Friis
Nov-74   Climbing Our Family Tree – Mrs. Theodore Rischard
Oct-74   A Walk Through California History Under Ten Flags – Mary Ference
Sep-74   Historical Work Beyond the Local Society – Thomas Reeve
Jun-74   100 Years In Laguna Beach – Margaret Roley
May-74   Spring Tour: La Casa de Rancho Los Cerritos/ Bixby Home in Rancho Los Alamitos
Apr-74   The Bandit Who Threatened Los Angeles – Joe Puckett
Mar-74   The Alpha Beta Story – Esther Cramer
Feb-74   Another Look at San Juan Capistrano – Don Meadows
Jan-74   The Old Olive Flour Mill – Wayne Gibson
Dec-73   Dan M. Baker: Orange County’s Fighting Editor – Jim Sleeper
Nov-73   The Pre-History of Orange County – Thomas R. Elliott
Oct-73   A Sense of History – Michael L. Manahan (of the Irvine Co.)
Sep-73   Reminiscences of Newport Beach – Hugh R. McMillan
Jun-73   Floods in Southern California – Alan J. Nestlinger
May-73   The Rise and Fall of Agriculture in Orange County – Cecil J. Marks
Apr-73   Spring Tour: Costa Mesa’s Estancia and Seal Beach – Led by Virginia L. Carpenter
Mar-73   Geography Sets the Stage – Dr. Getrude M. Reith
Feb-73   Indian Caves in Laguna Beach – Briggs C. “Corky” Morris-Smith
Jan-73   Yorba Linda: Its History – March Butz
Dec-72   Villa Park – James Workman
Nov-72   Early Tustin & The Tustin News – John Hardy / The Chinese in Tustin – Stephen Gould
Oct-72   Early Seal Beach – Jean Dorr & Joan Stegman
Sep-72   O.C. Parade of Fairs – Roland D. Flaherty / Santa Ana in the 1870s – Ellen Lee
Jun-72   Telelessons of Early California History at James Guinn School, Anaheim
May-72   Dana Point Harbor – Jim Ballinger / Capistrano’s Legal History – Leo J. Friis
Apr-72   Annual Tour: Rancho Santa Margarita y Las Flores, Camp Pendleton, & El Toro
Mar-72   Richard & Pat Nixon: The Formative Years In California – Harry P. Jeffery, Jr.
Feb-72   Santa Ana Winds – Roger Pengwall
Jan-72   City of Orange Centennial – Don Meadows
Dec-71   Newport Then & Now – Mrs. William S. Lee
Nov-71   Armistice Day, Brest France, 1918 (Banquet) – George Kellogg
Oct-71   History of Los Alamitos – Mrs. Clarence Wright
Sep-71   Laguna Beach – Bea Whittesey and Dr. Harry Jeffrey
Jun-71   Dairy Industry in Orange County – Cliff Ranney, Jake Westra, Roger Howell
May-71   Orange County’s Avacado Industry – Ethel & Edward Beck and W. Guy Steele
Apr-71   Spring Tour – Ontiveros Adobe & George Key House
Mar-71   The Odd Colony: Orange County, U.S.A. – Jim Sleeper
Feb-71   Orange County Commercial Fishing – Charmain Tichenor & F.A. Thomas / Early Huntington Beach – Delbert “Bud” Higgins
Jan-71   History of the Santa Ana Mountains – Lillian Osterman & Joseph “Sam” Munhall
Dec-70   Highlights from Orange County Oral Histories – Dr. Gary Shumway
Nov-70   Westminster’s Centennial – Joy Neugebauer / Prohibition in O.C. – Keith Davis
Oct-70   Early Surveyors – Nat Neff / Anaheim Water Co Case – Raymond Thompson
Sep-70   Diary of Mary Refugio Carpenter – Frances Meadows / Newport Beach Centennial – Ellen K Lee
Jun-70   Old Timer’s Picnic at Irvine Park
May-70   Costa Mesa History – Edrick J. Miller / El Modena’s Name Change – Loal Cole
Apr-70   The Earthquake of 1933 – Don F. Harner & W. Harold Lang
Mar-70   How To Start In Local History – Panel including Todd Berens, Don Meadows, Ellen Lee, Fern Colman, and Jim Sleeper
Feb-70   Old Orange County Courthouse – Panel including Adeline Walker, Charles Swanner, Don Meadows, Kathie Cousins and Jim Sleeper.
Jan-70   Orange County Pioneer Seaports, 1864 to 1898 – Ellen K. Lee
Dec-69   Native Plants & Animals of the Santa Ana River – Dr. R. C. Dickson
Nov-69   California’s Bicentennial (Annual Dinner) – Richard F. Pourade & Harry Crosby
Oct-69   Color Film of Apollo 11 Flight and Landing – F. Roy Garbarine
Sep-69   Some Historic Homes of Southern California – Prof. Anthony L. Lehman
Jun-69   The Life & Times of Jose Ramon Carrillo – Judge Raymond Thompson
May-69   Places, Books & People – Don Meadows
Apr-69   Oil Exploration In Orange County – R.A. Malott
Mar-69   Pearling Activity in California – Merton E. Hinshaw
Feb-69   The Route of the El Camino Real – Don Meadows
Jan-69   International Rivalry for California – Dr. Abraham P. Nasatir
Dec-68   Judge Richard Egan – Ellen K. Lee
Nov-68   The 1930s: Orange County Water Decision Years – Roland “RD” Flaherty
Oct-68   The Filibusters of 1890 – Anna Marie Hager
Sep-68   Orange County Through Pacific Clippings - Sky and Velma Dunlap
Jun-68   Jedediah Smith Passed Through the Santa Ana Valley – Rev. Galal Gough
May-68   From Portola to the First Towns In the Placentia Area – George Key
Apr-68   A Salute to the Port of Los Angeles - Anna Marie Hager
Mar-68   Spanish Trails to California – Dan Rios
Feb-68   Reporter in a Time Machine - Doris Walker
Jan-68   The Basques of North Orange County – Raymond Rhoades
Dec-67   When Orange County Had A Rapid Transit System – Spencer Crump
Nov-67   Reminiscences in the Book Business - Bunster Creely
Jun-67   Original Site of the Capistrano Mission (Annual Dinner) – Don Meadows; also a talk by Rev. Maynard Geiger
May-67   The Negro Community in Santa Ana – Mrs. Jean Mahlberg / The Days of Mud and Celery – Mrs. Leslie Colman
Mar-67   History of Citriculture in California – W. Harold Lang
Feb-67   New Light on Madame Modjeska and Her O.C. Friends – Ellen K. Lee. Followed by panel on Modjeska with Lee, Leo Friis, and Charles Swanner.
Jan-67   Tilda from Tustin – Inez Pierson
Nov-66   St. John of Capistrano – William Chappelle
Oct-66   Late Victorian House Tour (conducted with Western Museums League.)
Sep-66   History of Garden Grove – Dr. Leroy Doig
May-66   History of the Orange County Public Health Dept. – Dr. Edward Lee Russell
Apr-66   The McFadden Family of Santa Ana – A.J. McFadden
Mar-66   Election meeting
Feb-66   The Bowers Museum and its Treasures – Leo J. Friis
Jan-66   Colorful Women from California's Romantic Past – Vera Barnes Davis
Nov-65   Clothing & Customs of Spanish California – John Dewar
Oct-65   Nautical Tales (Annual Dinner) – Jerry MacMullen
Mar-65   Wildflowers of Orange County – Miss Edna Spaulding
Jan-65   Henry Kuchel and the Anaheim Gazette – John “Sky” Dunlap
Nov-64   Historical Works of Terry E. Stephenson – Allen W. Goddard
Oct-64   O.C. Landmarks – Leo J. Friis, William F. Kimes, E.M. Sundquist, Don Meadows
Oct-64   Walking tour of Victorian homes in Santa Ana
Sep-64   The Richard Henry Dana Family – Charles D. Swanner
Aug-64   O.C. Diamond Jubilee Reception at Bowers Museum
Feb-64   Spain & California OR William Wolfskill – Dr. Iris Higbee Wilson
Nov-63   Fr. Serra’s 250th Birthday (Annual Dinner) – Rev. Maynard Geiger
Oct-63   History of Pharmacy in Orange County – Earl Jackson
Sep-63   Geologic History of Orange County – Dr. Mabel Meyers of San Diego State
May-63   Visit to the Marco Forster Home, Rancho Mission Viejo
Oct-62   Modjeska’s Home & Gardens - Theodore Payne
Sep-62   Dr. Henry Raup Wagner & Blanche C. Wagner – Dr. Edwin H. Carpenter
Apr-62   Garden Grove – Dr. LeRoy Doig; and Fullerton – Mrs. Amy Stump
Mar-62   The Collection and Preservation of Local Historical Material - Glen Dawson
Feb-62   So. Calif. Symposium of the Conf. of Calif. Historical Societies
Jan-62   The Growth Years of O.C. – W. K. “Cap” Hillyard
Nov-61   People, Places & Books – Don Meadows
Oct-61   Background of Spanish and Mexican Families in O.C. – Don Temple
Apr-61   Pioneer Life in Inland California – Richard Bailey
Mar-61   Plans and Elections for a Reactivated OCHS
Feb-61   The History and Legal Status of OCHS
May-38   Baja California – Don Meadows
Apr-38   A Visit to Santa Catarina Mission, Lower California - Don Meadows / Flood of January 1916 - Terry Stephenson
Jan-38   Santa Catarina Mission in Lower California – Don Meadows
Oct-37   O.C.’s Musical History – Clarence Gustlin
Jan-37   A Horse Race of 1852 (paper by Terry E. Stephenson, read by Mrs. J.E. Pleasants) / Recent California Books – Will McPherson
Feb-36   Dedication of Bowers Museum – Dr. F.W. Hodge
Jan-36   County Division – Terry E. Stephenson / The Division of the Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana (Part II) – C.E. Roberts / Reading of a paper by Mabel Wing, “The Grange In Early Days.”
Dec-35   Old Adobe Chapel at Yorba – Alphonso Yorba / The Division of the Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana – C.E. Roberts / Early Day Hunting – Henry J. Gillingham / Reading of paper by Henry Kuchel about Early Anaheim
May-35   The Bernardo Yorba Adobe – Don Meadows / Boom Time Hotels – Roch Bradshaw / Read a paper by E.P. Stafford – Memories of early Santa Ana / The Lynching of Francisco Torres – Henry J. Gillingham.
Mar-35   The Adobes of San Juan Capistrano Outside the Mission – Alfonso Yorba / The Serrano Family – J.E. Pleasants/ The English Colony of El Toro – prepared by Caroline Yoch Barnett and read by Mrs. Robert T. Ashby/ The Old Rodriguez Adobe – C.E. Roberts.
Jan-35   Elections. T.E. Stephenson elected president.
Oct-34   Fr. Junipero Serra – John Steven McGroarty and Mrs. J.E. Pleasants
Jul-34   McGuffy Readers - Frank Henderson, The McFadden Family - Carrie McFadden Ford, Otto des Granges, Early Development of Fullerton - Mayor William Hale. (Met in Fullerton.)
Oct-33   I Cover the West – Marion A. Speer
Jul-33   Fiesta Del Oro – Ceremonies, picnic and Spanish program at Birch Park
May-33   Chinigchinich – John P. Harrington; The Earthquake [of 1933]
Jul-32   [Unknown topics] – C.C. Chapman and Henry Kuchel
Mar-32   The Walnut Industry in Orange County – Harry Lewis
Jul-30   Picnic at Bemus Home in Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach as an Art Colony – Hazel Bemus
Sep-29   Tour of the Mother Colony House in Anaheim
Jan-29   Lecture by Father St. John O’ Sullivan (at Mission SJC) (In O.C. History Series, Vol 2)
Sep-28   70 Years in O.C.– Will McPherson / Early Roads – Terry E. Stephenson
Jan-27   Portola’s Route Through Orange County – Don Meadows
May-26   History of Fullerton and Placentia
Mar-25   O.C.’s Role in Southern California History – Terry E. Stephenson / The Life of J.J. Warner – Miss Lillian A. Williamson & Joseph Netz
Mar-23   Spanish & Mexican Land Grants of Orange County – William G. McPherson
Jul-22   Horse Racing in the Santa Ana Valley – Chas. A Riggs / The Old Adobe, Trabuco Canyon – Anne Robinson / These Oaks as I Knew Them More Than 60 Years Ago – J.E. Pleasants (at Irvine Park)
Jun-22   The McFadden Family in Orange County – Arthur J. M. McFadden / James McFadden as a Citizen – C.C. Chapman / Building and Operation of the Newport Beach Railroad – E.M. Smiley / James Mc Fadden’s Part in the Formation of Orange County – H.J. Forgy / James McFadden as a Churchman – Col. S.H. Finley
Oct-21   (Meeting at Yoch’s Laguna Beach Hotel)
Sep-21   Place Names of the Santa Ana Mountains – Terry E. Stephenson / Along the El Camino Real in 1860 – J.E. Pleasants
May-21   Madame Helena Modjeska in America – Adelina Pleasants
May-20   First Official Meeting
Apr-20   Second regular meeting, April 26, 1920.
Jun-19   Three meetings held: The organizational meeting, the first directors meeting, and the first regular meeting. June 26, 1919. Seven members attended.
May-19   OCHS is incorporated, May 28, 1919