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Membership Year: 09/2002 - 06/2003
2003-01 * Images of Old Los Angeles: First High School, Fort Moore, Court Flight, Angels Flight, brief histories Editor
2003-02 Some Costa Mesa History Editor
2003-03 * Acquiring of Chapman Collection (Irvin C.) Smith Falk, Tracy
2003-04 Recent donations scrapbooks, Santa Ana residents Sorenson, John
2003-05 Phil Brigandi now OC Archivist AND What is a Qualified Historic Property Brigandi, Phil
2003-06 Charlotte Woodward's mother, Stella E. Anderson: school teacher, 1920s, her story, segregation at that time Sorenson, John
Membership Year: 09/2003 - 06/2004
2003-09 Donated items, hospital register: Poor Farm, 1912, and Journal by Snow family of Tustin, family photographs Editor
2003-10 Horace Snow Family Journal begins January 1890, tells of daily life. Related to Hiram Snow, Sherman Stevens. Editor
2003-11 Santa Ana Steam Laundry article in The Evening Blade 1899 AND Beer Baron Adolphus Busch's orange grove, by Ken Leavens Editor
2003-12 Personal Recollections of Santa Ana 40 Years Ago; paper written in 1943 and presented to OCHS July 1943 AND Santa Ana Steam Laundry story Burns, C. W.
2004-01 Orange County Hospital, Part 1 Sorenson, John
2004-02 Orange County Hospital, Part 2 AND In Search of Ralston Rocket, by Steve Faessel Sorenson, John
2004-03 Three Arch Bay history from Light-headed.com Web site of Steve Turnbull Website article
2004-04 Quiz on Brea's history. Answers from Brea: City of Oil, Oranges and Opportunities, by Esther Cramer Editor
2004-05 What is an Historic District AND Old Towne Historic District Editor
2004-06 Brig Pilgrim Replica of Richard Henry Dana's ship Editor
Membership Year: 09/2004 - 06/2005
2004-09 Lysander Utt and my Census Search Nate Harrison's cabin on Palomar Mt. AND History of Pledge of Allegiance AND More about Utt Family Sorenson, John
2004-10 Stanton House tour AND Ole Hanson Sorenson, John
2004-11 Brief description of visit to Casa Romantica AND History of Veterans Day Vigus, Betsy
2004-12 Brief description of bankruptcy UCI Website article
2005-01 Historic timeline of Pio Pico Website article
2005-02 Description of OC Historical Commission: Who they are, how connected to Board of Supervisors, what they do Editor
2005-03 Gift of Orange County Menu Guide, 1976 edition Editor
2005-04 Santa Ana Journal Sorenson, John
2005-05 Santa Ana Journal, Part 2 AND Bitter Point Dam, by Ken Leavens Sorenson, John
2005-06 Theodore Payne and his life on the Modjeska Ranch Stephenson, Terry
Membership Year: 09/2005 - 06/2006
2005-09 The Maag House Vigus, Betsy
2005-10 My Early Recollections of Newport Beach from 1896 to 1903 Lockett, Lucy Hill
2005-11 The State Highway System: Part 1 AND OCHS connection to the Santa Ana Register, by Allen Goddard Sorenson, John
2005-12 The State Highway System: Part 2 Sorenson, John
2006-01 The Brown and Dauser Lumber Company (Brea) by Seiler, Catherine Editor
2006-02 Orange County Highways: Final of 3 Parts Sorenson, John
2006-03 Commentary on postcards of Placentia in Orange County, Postcard History Series book Nickles, Earl
2006-04 The Santa Ana Hospital Sorenson, John
2006-05 Early Citrus Culture in Orange County Pulley, Tom
2006-06 Citrus on the Irvine Ranch Pulley, Tom
Membership Year: 09/2006 - 06/2007
2006-09 * Colonel William F. "Buffalo Bill" Visits Santa Ana Pulley, Tom
2006-10 Tustin Post Office Pulley, Tom
2006-11 Orange County Parade of Products Pulley, Tom
2006-12 Santa Ana Junior College: Part 1, The First Campus Sorenson, John
2007-01 Santa Ana Junior College: Part 2 Sorenson, John
2007-02 Santa Ana Junior College: Part 3 Final Sorenson, John
2007-03 Orange County Prisoner of War Camp Pulley, Tom
2007-04 Yorba Cemetery and Peralta adobe pictures, brief descriptions Bushman, John
2007-05 Anaheim Colony Historic District with photos of houses in 2007 Marsh, Diann
2007-06 Chili Peppers in Orange County Vigus, Betsy
Membership Year: 09/2007 - 06/2008
2007-09 * The Other Chapman Building Leavens, Ken
2007-10 * Judge Joseph Prentice and the Monkeys Marsh, Diann
2007-11 * Motorcycle Hill article from Dana Point Historical Society, with photographs Editor
2007-12 * "As a kid in Tustin in the mid 30s . . .on my daily bicycle paper route . . ." Hayden, Dennis
2008-01 The Dreger Clock Needs Restoration (Knotts Berry Farm) Editor
2008-02 California Valencia Orange Show, Part 1 Pulley, Tom
2008-03 California Valencia Orange Show, Part 2 Pulley, Tom
2008-04 Peace Pipe Paget Play, Part 1 Pulley, Tom
2008-05 Peace Pipe Paget Play, Part 2 Pulley, Tom
2008-06 Another Look at the "Big Game" Walter Johnson, Brea baseball by Brian Saul Editor
Membership Year: 09/2008 - 06/2009
2008-09 Orange County's Smallest Citrus Packing house Pulley, Tom
2008-10 Orange County's Forgotten Industry, sugar beet companies Pulley, Tom
2008-11 Southern California Sugar Company in Santa Ana Pulley, Tom
2008-12 The Anaheim and Huntington Beach Sugar Factories Pulley, Tom
2009-01 The Santa Ana: Co-Operative Sugar Company Pulley, Tom
2009-02 Another Forgotten OC Industry: Apples Pulley, Tom
2009-03 Balboa Motor Corporation Pulley, Tom
2009-04 Where The Buffalo Road, Newport Harbor Buffalo Ranch Pulley, Tom
2009-05 Orange County Was Once the Ostrich Capital of America Pulley, Tom
2009-06 Seal Beach Joy Zone: The Island of the Pacific Coast Pulley, Tom
Membership Year: 09/2009 - 06/2010
2009-09 First Car to go Coast Route from LA to San Diego Pulley, Tom
2009-10 The Huntington Beach Encyclopedia Lots Pulley, Tom
2009-11 Dutton's Jungle Gardens, The Palms Restaurant Pulley, Tom
2009-12 Orange County's Forgotten Towns (1) Pulley, Tom
2010-01 Orange County's Forgotten Towns (2) Pulley, Tom
2010-02 Orange County's Forgotten Towns (3) Pulley, Tom
2010-03 Orange County's Forgotten Towns (4) Pulley, Tom
2010-04 North Orange County Pacific Electric Line Bushman, John
2010-05 Orange County's Forgotten Towns (5) Pulley, Tom
2010-06 Orange County's Forgotten Towns (6) Pulley, Tom
Membership Year: 09/2010 - 06/2011
2010-09 Orange County's Forgotten Towns (7), final in series Pulley, Tom
2010-10 Black Star Canyon, Indian Village and Hidden Ranch Slaback, Lecil
2010-11 The Santa Ana Army Air Base, its history Bushman, John
2010-12 Disneyland (1): The Stuff Dreams are made of, Early History Bushman, John
2011-01 Disneyland (2): The House the Mouse Built Bushman, John
2011-02 WPA projects, Orange County, The New Deal Bushman, John
2011-03 Chapman University Grows Old Smartly Bushman, John
2011-04 History of the Angels Baseball club Bushman, John
2011-05 Bebe Daniels, O.C.'s Fast Moving Star Bushman, John
2011-06 History of Orange County's Leisure World Developer Ross W. Cortese Bushman, John
Membership Year: 09/2011 - 06/2012
2011-09 The painful path to a beautiful beach: Doheny Beach, first State beach in California Bushman, John
2011-10 October program: Jack Lindquist, first president of Disneyland Editor
2011-11 November program: Orange County's Armed Forces through the Years Editor
2011-12 December program: Orange Countiana VII, Tustin Packing House (by Tom Pulley), Doris I. Walker-Smith (1933-2011) Editor
2012-01 Orange County's First High School: Santa Ana High School Bushman, John
2012-02 The Seventh Mission: Mission San Juan Capistrano Bushman, John
2012-03 The 1938 Flood Bushman, John
2012-04 Oil in Brea-Olinda Bushman, John
2012-05 Saving Orange County's Historic Buildings, Esther Cramer (1927-2012), Jim Sleeper bestowed permanent OCHS membership Bushman, John
2012-06 Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, Laguna Art Festival, OCHS Web site, History Hike at Olinda Oil Fields, Anaheim Cemetery Tour Bushman, John
Membership Year: 09/2012 - 06/2013
2012-09 California Style Watercolor Painting in Orange County, Beginnings of Sherman Library and Gardens Vigus, Betsy
2012-10 Anaheim Halloween Festival, History Hike to the Trabuco Adobe, Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town, Calisphere Vigus, Betsy
2012-11 Special Edition dedicated to the memory of Jim Sleeper Vigus, Betsy
2012-12 Show and Tell Night, Memories of Helms Bakery by Richard Vining Vigus, Betsy
2013-01 Yorba Linda Native Richard Nixon, O.C. Archives, "Dad" Justice: '49er in Silverado Canyon Vigus, Betsy
2013-02 Tribute to Huell Howser in O.C., Vietnamese history in Little Saigon Vigus, Betsy
2013-03 Rock, Folk, and Popular Music in O.C., Pinocchio puppet from Anaheim Library and the 1938 flood Vigus, Betsy
2013-04 O.C. preservation efforts: Mariners Medical Arts designed by Richard Neutra, San Juan Capistrano, Wintersburg, Sexlinger Home and orange grove Vigus, Betsy
2013-05 O.C. pioneer Clara Mason Fox, Beginnings in El Toro Vigus, Betsy
2013-06 Big Red Cars, O.C. Pioneer Council and OCHS MOU, Board of Directors election Vigus, Betsy